Edward Tsang is the last person you’d expect to get lost in a crowd. With a bold sense of style and a confident swagger, his approach to fashion mirrors his approach to work and he never ceases to make an impression. Much like his innate need to spontaneously add original and edgy pieces to his daily wardrobe, Edward listens to what his clients need and always gives them an option to try something different – he knows the risk can be worth it. Guaranteed to be a little overdressed for every occasion, Edward has fun with putting his best foot forward and playing with different ways to fearlessly express himself.


Design to a level that sets you apart from everybody else.

Inspired by cultural nuances, technology, street fashion and getting out into nature, Edward knows that you can be inspired by just about anything – all it takes is a fresh perspective. A fan of documentaries, Edward likes to understand what makes people tick and is influenced by real-life stories and how people connect with each other. Bringing dynamic energy to everything he does, he knows strong team collaboration makes outcomes more interesting and exciting.

Edward joined the B+H interior design team in 2011 and has over 18 years of design experience. His strengths are profiled in concept design, hand sketches, design development and management of the design team. With a vast portfolio of work in North America and Asia, Edward uses his experience to mentor junior designers and provide quality and exciting deliverables to clients.