While dining overlooking Dubai Marina – almost twenty years after he helped define the details of its master plan – Robert Marshall’s mind filled with pleasant flashbacks of the planning process. He could clearly recall pacing the width of the canal, planting flags to denote key measurements and hand sketching ideas on loose sheets of paper. When it comes to master planning, realizing the fruits of one’s labour doesn’t happen quickly. Robert recognizes that it takes quite a bit of time to bring to life the many aspects involved in the cohesive planning and development of new cities and the redevelopment of existing ones.

Conceptually, a master plan will exist as figures and formulas, organized neatly in a spreadsheet. Robert has the keen ability to understand how to translate these numbers into a framework and the environmental elements that will ultimately address more than economics. He approaches every master plan with considerations of how it can create a healthy and sustainable community, reflect the local culture, and contribute to the overall evolution of its surrounding area. Through an integrated approach to planning, Rob works with our teams to create solutions that encourage connectivity and interaction between people and spaces.

As global designers, we apply tried-and-true planning principles to every project and thoughtfully tailor elements to reflect context and culture.

Robert joined B+H in 2011 and has 30 years of experience in design consulting services for a wide range of clients from across the globe. He’s been responsible for the development of master plans for new cities in the Middle East and India, large private development plans across the Gulf Region and North Africa, and regeneration and resort plans in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. He’s also been involved in a wide variety of master plans, campus developments, and public facility development projects in the United States and Canada.