It was a surreal day in 1995 when it so clearly struck Philip Jones – he was living a life he could never have possibly imagined. Attending the first game of polo in Ghantoot, Abu Dhabi, surrounded by his three children, his wife, the green polo pitch and undulating sand dunes, he realized his past six years in the UAE were simply unbelievable. Having the time of his life, Phil found himself far from his native place in Toronto, yet truly at home. Now, after 26 years of experience in the Middle East, Phil wouldn’t have it any other way.

In Dubai, Phil knows firsthand how important it is to contribute beyond his role within his teams and the local design community. So much so, that he’s not only been instrumental to the success of many large and complex projects, he’s also sat on the Canadian Business Council in Dubai. He believes in the adage “all hands on deck” as it drives a sense of belonging and partnership between everyone working toward a common goal. Phil has played a key role in many mixed-use developments and thrives from seeing how people interact with and enjoy built spaces that embody an integrated design approach. To him, great design creates notable destinations that enhance our lives by not only serving a purpose, but cognitively connecting us to the land, culture, and our aspirations.

With every tangible design solution, we have to combine engineering knowledge with the actual spirit of what makes each place unique and significant.

Phil joined B+H in 2011 and over time has developed successful partnerships with global clients and strategic consulting and contractor networks and leverages these associations to tackle large and complex urban design challenges. He believes that while it’s important to bring a global perspective to his work to further innovation, it’s essential to understand how every project can be embedded into the local context and community mindset.