Peter Heys believes that great leaders empower their teams and that creativity and productivity are the result of trusting individual members and allowing them to fly. Knowing that the right energy can transform a group, he sets the example of how a positive outlook, spirit and drive can turn challenges into positive solutions and outcomes. Peter abides by his collective approach both within and outside of the office. By teaching at a local university for over twenty years, donating his time to charity organizations and through involvement in industry associations, he’s engrained himself into his community.


In design, you always have to consider the ‘human factor’. After all, people make spaces and spaces define people.

Peter likes to play a game called, ‘Trend or Fad?’ Being in the industry for almost 30 years, he’s seen a lot of fads come and go, but trends? He argues that trends like sustainable living, creating engaging workspaces – movements that enhance our health and well-being – they have legs and tend to evolve as designers and users recognize their importance in making people’s lives better. While trends show a fundamental shift in society, fads fade quickly, so before he gets on the bandwagon with something fresh or new, he’ll question its longevity to see if it’s essential to effective design.

Peter has won several awards over his career with major Canadian firms and joined the B+H team in 2016. He strongly believes that successful design solutions require an in-depth knowledge of a client’s vision, culture, and real estate strategy. Responsible for overseeing the efforts in workplace, healthcare and hospitality interior design, Peter works collaboratively to help create high-performance and inspiring spaces.