Greg Heal can recall the distinct smell of plywood as his father, then a draftsperson, would take him to visit building sites when he was younger. A huge influence on the direction of his career, his father sparked Greg’s interest in architecture and the custom design of their family home introduced Greg to a modernist approach to design. Fascinated by the world in general, he has an appreciation for both innovative concepts and time-honoured traditions.


Don’t think of things as problems, think of them as puzzles.

With a background in business development, marketing and administration at B+H, Greg has a comprehensive perspective of the firm’s large portfolio of projects. Having been with B+H for twenty years, he’s been ingrained with the many people and processes of the company and has become an institutional knowledge-holder. As Project Manager reporting to management teams, he’s involved in initiatives across the board at B+H. With his long track record of experience, he’s also the go-to person for questions pertaining to the firm’s historical data and information.

Coordinating initiatives for the local management team in Toronto, Greg also helps with organization within global offices as required. Connecting the dots to understand what the firm needs to move forward, he assists in facilitating the implementation of new technology. Thriving off change, curiosity and collaboration, Greg enjoys assisting his colleagues and he knows how this approach contributes positively to the team.