Heading up our marketing and business development endeavours worldwide, Jennifer Futol’s nuanced ability to develop global strategies and adapt them to local market and client contexts, could almost be considered inevitable. A true global citizen, Jennifer was born in The Philippines, raised and educated in Australia, and has lived and worked in eleven countries across four continents.

I dreamed of becoming a journalist or novelist when I was growing up. My career took a different path, but there’s wonderful symmetry in the role storytelling continues to play. Instead of world affairs or fiction, I help to tell the story of people, projects and an incredible brand.

Jennifer’s career hasn’t followed the typical trajectory of most marketing and business development professionals, spending her foundation professional years in corporate strategy management consulting before transitioning into marketing via the prestigious WPP Group MBA Marketing Fellowship, based in New York City. Immersed in the arts and passionate about design for as long as she can remember, Jennifer always felt a little out of place in the analytically-driven world of management consulting. But the opportunity to travel the world, working as part of international teams, solving varied and complex business problems for global companies, was too tempting to turn down as a fresh-faced University grad. While not her first passion, management consulting gave her a strong foundation, giving her a fearlessness that any challenge can be resolved through creative problem solving.

Over time, Jennifer did discover her passion, and that was to work at the intersection of business strategy, design, and marketing. Leading the firm’s branding, marketing, business development and communications efforts, she is actively involved in key corporate development initiatives and surrounded by creative and passionate people who strive to improve and inspire the human experience through design. It would be hard to find a better fit.