Dylan Durst believes that every building needs an environmental agenda. Through his work, he explores the various ways that buildings can incorporate higher standards to improve upon principles of sustainability including energy conservation, using sustainable and renewable materials, and a reduction in their carbon footprint. His lean towards sustainability is the result of his focus on the end user as he moves with his team through the design and construction process. Always considering how people will interact with a space and how the design of a building will affect the larger community, Dylan knows that a good design on paper will only translate to a great design in real life if it inspires people and helps them achieve their goals within the space.

Dylan began his career with B+H in Vancouver in 2011 working collaboratively between the Vancouver and Toronto studios managing complex BIM projects and programmes. Through a hands-on approach, he’s involved in all aspects of a development from design to construction documentation and contract administration to ensure that the original intent is well-articulated in the built form. Passionate about his work, he feeds off the enthusiasm of others and knows that when snags arise in a project, passion will drive a team to keep moving to find solutions to problems and push beyond average results.

Translating an idea to the built form requires a creative approach and an understanding of the project as a whole.