Steve Cavan doesn’t believe in struggling to maintain the status quo. He recognizes that sometimes, you need to question how you’ve always done things to understand if it’s the way you should continue to do things. In his own words, what he brings to the equation is a ‘sober second thought’ when it comes to decision-making. A straight-shooter, Steve leads our global team through the complex elements involved in risk management and ownership – always beginning with the end in mind and a strong focus on the big picture and accountability.

The strength of our firm lies in focusing on the highest level of hands-on service and accountability for each of our clients.

Recognizing that disruption is essential to the evolution of a business in today’s world, Steve’s approach creates an environment of constant change and improvement. He leads the firm to develop constantly improving practices by strategically blending B+H’s rich heritage of best practice with a proactive and forward-looking approach. Always thinking ten steps ahead, Steve focuses on how we can improve to better serve our clients and he meets challenges with a global perspective to help distill complex situations into optimized outcomes.

As an internationally experienced Financial Executive with a proven track record and over 23 years of experience, Steve leverages his knowledge to increase profitability through process and system improvements. He’s also served on multiple not-for-profit boards including relief agencies, hospitals and he spent over a year in Sudan delivering emergency relief.