Karen is the calm at the center of the whirlwind of activity that characterizes the Seattle studio, and often it seems, the city itself. Her patience, experience, and ability to listen and understand provide a focus and direction for her teams that keeps everyone on track and performing at their best. She encourages a deep understanding of who the space is for and how it will be used and this exploration process is inevitably one that infects the whole team with a spirit of fun and discovery.

You have to step out of the ordinary to find opportunities you otherwise couldn’t imagine. Sometimes this means accepting the risk of failure – usually it leads somewhere really exciting.

When projects are really well designed, Karen believes that they have a life and longevity that extends far beyond their four walls to contribute to the environment and the community they serve. One of her most memorable experiences was helping a new owner revitalize a neglected campus they had bought. She describes the experience as an almost surgical exercise, carefully cutting away the parts that were holding the campus back, and bringing new life to those elements that would ensure a long and happy life for its future.

Karen is excited to live in a city that is bursting with innovative companies and pulling all the associated services into the mix. She’s embracing the opportunity to learn all she can about new technology, processes, and systems, from all sectors, and loves the challenge of figuring out how to integrate them into design in a way that is accessible yet invisible enough that it doesn’t interfere with the user’s emotional experience of the space.