Michael Apostolides began his career working on all phases of the projects he collaborated on. His current role is specialized to focus on construction administration, particularly as a resource for ongoing design analysis and peer review. With a proactive approach to his work, Michael anticipates possible issues that may arise through the construction process. His work requires constant communication with consultants and contractors and a great deal of creativity in understanding how to overcome snags during the building phase.

Strong team collaboration is essential to ensuring the successful delivery of each design project we work on.

Michael brings along over 35 years of experience to his role at B+H. His areas of expertise include contract administration, building codes, and building envelopes. Through the careful management of work flow and a specialized approach to process, Michael’s role is essential to contributing to the realization of concepts and visions. His experience with public and private sector work includes institutional, commercial, residential, education, and laboratory projects and give him the breadth of knowledge he needs to handle large-scale and complex projects.