New Opportunities For Growth

China: Looking Ahead

March 20, 2018

B+H was one of the first foreign architecture firms to establish a presence in Asia and 2017 marked our 25th year of design in China. We opened an office in Shanghai in 1992 after winning a competition to design Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport. Shanghai anchored our growth throughout Asia and fueled our expansion in Ho Chi Minh City and Singapore in 2010, and Hong Kong in 2013.  Moving ahead, we continue to attribute our success to the emphasis we place on building strong relationships in our regional markets and the value we place on teamwork and continuous dialogue with everyone – from our clients, to internal teams, contractors and consultants.

25 years ago, we brought international design strategies to China when it was commencing its development. Today, the East’s rapid growth is offering the opportunity to pioneer new tools, processes, and practices, particularly in sustainability and urban development, and our work in China informs our projects globally.

We believe that to help our clients be successful in the future, we have to help them challenge assumptions and think differently. What has worked in the past is not guaranteed to work in the future. Our Advance Strategy offering is a unique consulting service that allows us to engage with our clients prior to taking on design work. The process encompasses more than feasibility studies – it maximizes potential and helps our clients meet their unique business objectives. We then translate our findings and insights into transformative planning, architecture, and design solutions that support financial growth and sustained success.