The most unexpected thing you’ll realize after a few moments with Tracy is that although we all know her as a brilliant numbers person, she has a deep love for words. Tracy is an avid world traveler and she enjoys capturing her experiences and insights in writings to share with friends and family. One day, she hopes, she’ll have the opportunity to write a book.

It’s this desire to share experiences and connect with her fellows that characterizes Tracy’s professional career. She’s aware that while the work is about the hard skills of numbers, the place where she can have the greatest impact is in interactions with her colleagues. Diligent and unerringly accurate in her calculations, Tracy recognizes the need for flexibility when it comes to supporting the needs of project leaders and managers. The same is true when it comes to growing and nurturing her team’s talent and skills. Testament to Tracy’s firm but flexible approach is the fact that in seven and a half years leading the same team at her previous employment, not one person left.

Be yourself all the time. That’s it. No motto.

As a member of the global leadership team, and based in our Seattle studio, Tracy’s people-centric approach to management supports the studio’s local business needs while enriching our global perspective. Her time spent working in Shanghai and her trips to Europe, North America, and Japan inform everything she does. Tracy believes it’s important to understand how a broader world view can teach us more than we can see from our small pinpoint on the globe. She hopes that one day she may have the opportunity to teach high schoolers and inspire them to reach for something greater than they can imagine through their teenage eyes…or perhaps they’ll read her book!