Guy Walter grew up in the middle of Canada—as distant from the metropolis of Shanghai as you can get. As a youngster, Guy appreciated the great scale of the Canadian Shield’s rocky wooded mountains and shorelines; he now finds himself drawn to large built forms and the complexities of their planning and design within dense and constantly evolving urban spaces. Guy is especially drawn to understanding how each development’s function is connected to the community at large, the environment, and the passing of time. Sustainability plays a huge part in his design approach and he responds with solutions for communities and cities in transition—helping them to plan and build tomorrow’s livable cities.


Why do we design cities? We don’t design them for airports, or cars, or trains, or hotels. We design them for people – we want people to connect with people and nature.

Guy’s focus on sustainability is rooted in the fact that after being trained and working as an architect, he returned to school to study landscape architecture and urban planning, drawn to learn more about how living systems can be integrated into the built environment. Guy sees how open space, parks, and vibrant streetscapes are the lifeblood breathing energy and resources into our schools, hospitals, and urban form. Guy develops ideas and designs to create livable cities through solutions that are culturally, environmentally, economically, and socially responsive to the needs of the user and client.

With more than twenty years of experience, split between Asia and North America, Guy offers his global experience to inspire local and regional solutions. Since joining B+H in 2008, he’s brought expertise to the design of sustainable water management systems, and open space/landscape systems for healthcare, hospitality, residential, major mixed-use developments, and new cities. Guy approaches every project with an integrated and collaborative approach to find buildable solutions for concepts, visions, and goals.