Dan Voicu is captured by the built form and appreciates how architecture can create captivating experiences for people. A fan of sci-fi cult classics, his fascination with the buildings and environments in these films reflects how he appreciates constructed forms as ways to communicate a story. Inspired by the eclectic mix of places he’s been, when he approaches his work he studies the environment and people who create the context for every project. Addressing work challenges with a smile, he collaborates with project teams and clients to create spaces that not only fulfil functions and complex technical requirements but move beyond them.

Dan joined B+H in 2012 and has over 27 years of experience in master planning, design development, construction documents and consultant’s coordination. His expertise includes hotels, convention centres, public buildings, transportation and recreation facilities, historical renovations, retirement residences and high rise residential developments.

Quality leadership is based on making decisions using professional experience and accumulated knowledge through continuous self-training and study.”