As Global Manager of Finance and Planning, Trevor Varga has a handle on the analysis of financials across all B+H offices. With fourteen years in the financial field, he’s been an integral part of the department at B+H since 2012. Dealing with the firm’s global portfolio of projects, Trevor enjoys the variety of challenges that he’s presented with as he navigates the needs of the various offices and deals with issues as they arise.

Working with the company’s major goals at the forefront, Trevor strives to keep things simple to ensure that he evaluates details without getting lost in the minutiae of his work. Responsible for detailed financial reporting and budgeting for all offices, he’s a part of the backbone of the business and ensures that realistic expectations are set. Trevor is a whiz with numbers and can foresee potential issues to mitigate problems down the road.

Keeping things simple makes sense when you’re working with a lot of information – it helps to maintain perspective.