Before Lisa Tobin begins to plot the minutiae of a project, she takes the time to imagine with her team exactly how people will use the spaces they’re designing. With a focus in medical planning of healthcare facilities, Lisa will envision herself as a patient or staff member. She’ll consider how people will move through departments and within rooms and what they’ll need in those spaces to be effective and comfortable. Considering the best possible design and inevitable trade-offs to accommodate the diverse needs of different users, she’ll begin to layer the details required to create thoughtful spaces that are not only clinically efficient but also promote the health and well-being of the patient and their family.

Knowing that healthcare requires a sense of intricacy in understanding every type of user and addressing their needs down to every detail, Lisa collaborates closely with her clients to gather an understanding of the big picture. Throughout the project, she places a strong emphasis on close communication with the client, construction and consultant teams and knows that working in silos doesn’t really work. Through user groups and regular contact with key stakeholders, she combines best-practice, experience, and careful listening to provide the highest level of service and timely delivery of large healthcare projects.

If I can help design effective healthcare spaces that that are friendly, nurturing and healing, I know I’ve done my job right.

Lisa has experience in all project phases – from master planning to contract administration. While her current focus is on healthcare, she also has experience with commercial and institutional design. Lisa joined B+H in 1999 and has evolved along with the industry over the years, particularly with its growing emphasis on more natural elements in clinical environments.