Diana Tiron believes that while the design process is meant to innovate by stretching beyond boundaries and expectations, it also has to generate viable solutions within the built environment and public realm. She appreciates that truly livable spaces and inviting and pedestrian friendly communities are created when architecture and urban design complement each other. She approaches the complexity of every project with a sense of freedom that allows for exploration and innovation. Diana believes that inspiration can come from anything and anywhere and becomes the backdrop for the story behind each and every project.

I’m always crossing boundaries in my work. Architecture and Urban Design are disciplines with an intrinsic, historic bound, as they come together in a complementing form of Art.

With over twenty years of experience within the field, Diana has contributed through leading design and managing roles with international firms and developers from North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia. She uses her extensive architecture and urban design experience to ensure that concepts are communicated clearly in a visual manner to further innovative possibilities and solutions.