Alex Stanichevsky leans heavily on his in-depth knowledge of building sciences and physics to support his understanding of how architecture can complement rather than dominate its surrounding environment and community. Having a keen awareness of how built forms speak to and influence the experiences and lifestyles of users, he recognizes how important thoughtful planning and design is. Alex approaches his projects with the philosophy that every building has a life of its own and he thrives off collaboration with others.

Successful projects are about sharing and learning from everyone on the team.

Alex has been Principal at B+H since 2010 and has nearly 50 years of experience. He applies his strong technical, design and management skills to a wide variety of commercial, institutional, residential and retail developments, with a strong emphasis on North American endeavours. Alex ensures that the finer mechanical details of any project are not overlooked and inform the big picture and overall vision through a strong emphasis on the finer details of every project.