Despite the fact that Betsy Smith grew up in a very artistic and hippy family in the 70’s, she wound up in the business world. Her father is an artist and her three sisters entered the fields of architecture, fine arts and interior design. While she’s the only one in her family to crack open a copy of the Harvard Business Review, her familiarity with the design world now combines perfectly with the business of HR at B+H.

If you ask anyone to describe Betsy, you’ll hear words like direct, practical and a straight-shooter. With 25 years of experience, Betsy knows how to get to the heart of the matter. With a true passion for people and processes, she works hard to find ways to get employees engaged in their work through programs that motivate individuals and teams. Taking the time to understand the firm’s collective skills and abilities is key to Betsy’s approach in supporting the various studios and their goals within the company’s overall business strategy.

In a professional services firm, people are not just the most important thing, they are everything.

Providing a stimulating and inspirational work environment is essential to Betsy’s role as Global Director of Human Resources. Pairing her business studies with her vast experience working with a number of different businesses, Betsy gets how engaged employees further success through enhanced productivity. Through her role on the Executive Team, she’s dedicated to working with leaders within the organization to provide meaningful work for personnel and help to build strong teams.