Healthcare design requires an innate understanding of precisely regulated processes involving large teams and how spaces, equipment and people can be efficiently organized. Knowing how to create a flow within these environments is where Gabriela Savu shines. Gabriela recognizes that the most challenging and fulfilling aspect of her job is to distil big ideas and broad expectations into the pertinent details required to create a tailored vision. Always up for a challenge, her team would describe her as someone they can depend on to provide knowledge and relevant solutions for problematic situations.

You can’t change the world by yourself but with architecture you can have an effect on what’s happening around you.

Gabriela joined B+H in 2003 and has nearly two decades of experience managing projects in Canada, Europe, China and the Middle East. Living and working internationally has infused her with a strong sense of cultural sensitivity. Her work includes urban-level master planning, design and project management for offices, hotels and institutional facilities and she successfully leads project teams within large-scale public/private partnerships and complex institutional builds.