Adele Pransky wasn’t always a designer. In fact, her decision to move into design came later in her career. Adele’s eclectic life experience includes studying psychology, teaching special needs children in elementary school, living in Japan, and working as a Consul General’s assistant at the Japanese Consulate. No stranger to switching streams in life, she views her professional journey as an evolution where her present position reflects the exploration of her creative side through interior design. Always open to new possibilities, Adele isn’t afraid to try something new, knowing that often, seemingly unrelated things come together to create the bigger picture of who we are and the work we do.


Great design responds with a synergistic approach to architecture, interiors and its environment to create something truly beautiful.

As a Senior Interior Designer at CHIL Interior Design, Adele enjoys the compelling energy that a truly collaborative team brings to the table. A lifelong learner always open to new influences, she finds inspiration in everything she sees and everyone she meets. With the approach that each client is unique, Adele believes it’s important to understand how to customize each design and solution based on inspiration, client vision and target markets.

Adele has extensive experience in hospitality, multi-unit residential towers, retail and restaurant design. With eleven years of experience in design development, planning, design documentation and contract administration, she joined CHIL Interior Design in 2007. Through a visionary approach and pushing the bar ever-higher with each project, she strives to imagine and execute well-considered, tailored designs that stand the test of time where every detail enhances the story.

Adele is also a member of CHIL Interior Design, the hospitality studio of B+H.

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