If Eduardo Mora were asked to turn in his architect’s license for another path in life, he’d be soaring the skies as an air force pilot. The freedom flight offers is often reflected in what he does from the experiences he’s embraced in his personal life to his approach to design. Having landed a job with an architecture firm in Chicago after leaving Peru with absolutely no command of the English language and limited funds in his pocket, to say that Eduardo is resourceful and determined would be an understatement. Eduardo believes it’s important to never stop learning and he’s learned a lot from his journeys and stepping outside his comfort zone.

Inspiration is a second language. It just flows. It comes naturally.

Eduardo uses the experiences he’s collected through his travels to inspire his design work. Novel sights, compositions and perspectives permeate his view of what it means to create something that resonates with people because it’s fresh, dynamic and unexpected. Through his work, Eduardo’s learned that when you design something right, people will naturally be drawn to it. Knowing the process of design requires deep exploration, Eduardo believes that you might not have all the answers right away but if you ask thoughtful questions, you’ll get all the information you need.

Eduardo sees the power in collaboration where team members feel free to share ideas and are open to constructive criticism. He recognizes that being an architect comes with the responsibility to create well-designed and thoughtful spaces. Eduardo has accumulated nearly 25 years of experience in architecture and interiors based out of Peru, United States and Canada. Working on all aspects from concept design to construction administration, Eduardo maintains a strong attention to detail and diligence.

Eduardo is also a member of CHIL Interior Design, the hospitality studio of B+H.

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