As Director of Practice for North America, Amal Madanat oversees projects to ensure that processes run smoothly and key objectives of the firm are met. Amal appreciates the fast-paced nature of her work and she recognizes that making things run efficiently is about sharing information and knowledge during every step of design and implementation. Armed with experience that spans a broad range of sectors and types of projects, she focuses on the big picture. Driven by keeping up with advancements in industry tools, technology and market trends, she has a keen understanding of what clients need by anticipating future requirements and expectations.


Outlining a clear process in writing is one thing. To make it actually work is the magic bullet.

Knowing that the younger generation at B+H needs to understand what’s to come to see their role in the firm’s growth, Amal helps to facilitate the passing on of knowledge to get them excited and engaged in their work. With over twenty years of experience in structuring and leading BIM-enabled integrated delivery strategies, she’s gained practical experience while managing several large, high-profile, award-winning projects.

Amal is highly client-focused and helps to keep large-scale projects on schedule and budget. Cross-functional in her role, Amal manages staffing, resources and project schedules. Using the latest tools, she analyzes the large amount of data she works with to anticipate what she can do to implement strategic planning and control through pragmatic problem solving and systematic thinking.