Olivier Lopion started his career by digging up the past. As a student, Olivier was involved in map making the ancient great city of Angkor Thom, in Cambodia – the world’s largest religious complex. Through this first experience of Asian civilization, he’s built a keen curiosity for how history informs the present day and the lessons we can learn about ourselves. Having worked in diverse places, such as old-world cities like Paris and eclectic environments of port cities like Hamburg, Shanghai, and Singapore, he truly believes that his cultural mosaic experience helps him to fuse proven past principles with innovative advanced planning strategies.

With degrees in architecture and civil engineering, Olivier has a firm grasp on not only what makes design functional and aesthetically pleasing but also what makes it implementable. Olivier believes that the best part of his work is translating clients’ needs into tangible representations of concepts. Understanding that landmark architecture requires a handle on various elements, he knows that a well-designed building can’t live without a complete understanding of its context and thoughtful details. Built spaces, he believes, will differ depending on their individual environment and program however one thing remains constant – the fact that before figuring out how to build, an architect must understand that they’re most primarily designing for people.

Inspiration comes from the ability to observe our world and recall the details of its beauty.

With fifteen years of experience in the field, Olivier joined our Shanghai studio in 2008, and subsequently joined the Singapore team to develop B+H’s presence in Southeast Asia. He has experience in all phases of the design process and has successfully led many worldwide design competitions. Enthralled by architecture and design, Olivier believes that nature, culture and art can all influence how he approaches his work.