Nicholas Kissane began his career in his native country Australia and worked in England & Qatar for a couple of years prior to calling the United Arab Emirates home, stationed in our Dubai office. He refers to Dubai as an architect’s dream and finds it very exciting to be in a city that’s constantly changing and rising from a blank slate. Living and working in an urban area where new skyscrapers, canals and bridges go from concept to reality in a fraction of the time they might do so elsewhere, he appreciates that he’s part of this growing and bustling metropolis. Being a part of a city under constant expansion and innovation also allows him to explore and discover new building typologies right in his own backyard.

Instead of thinking of challenges as limitations and restrictions, I prefer to see them as opportunities for innovation.

Nicholas’ career has followed a natural progression. Beginning with his experience in conceptual and design development, he now focuses on the construction administration phase of the projects he works on. Through his role, Nicholas helps to mitigate possible issues and keeps things running smoothly. He most enjoys witnessing progress on site, as results can be observed on a regular basis and he knows that his role is crucial to delivering complex projects within set timelines.

Through his experience with mixed-use developments, complex projects and high-end residential plans, Nicholas has built a solid portfolio of practical knowledge that he can use to inform all aspects of his work. He has also developed a keen interest in kinetic, acoustic and sustainable architecture. As part of his contribution to the field outside of his work, he has recently joined the Australian Business Council as a Dubai Member