When Maria Ionescu interviewed with us in 2016 and we asked if she would ever consider leaving her home in Toronto to work in Singapore, she jumped at the opportunity. Despite her slight apprehension at the thought of uprooting herself for a move across the globe, this wouldn’t be the first time Maria has decided to relocate for work. Originally having established her career in Romania, she moved to Toronto in 2001. She has a great appreciation for the fact that her career has allowed her to explore the world and become immersed in new cultures, experiences, and environments.

For the last six years, Maria has honed her collaborative skills through her guiding role in the planning and design of healthcare facilities within Canada and globally. Particularly skilled at achieving consensus – a critical component in the building of healthcare institutions – she helps large and diverse stakeholder groups create solid action plans based on their needs and priorities. In 2015, she became a Dean’s Honour List graduate with a diploma in Homeopathic and Health Sciences and is currently licensed with the College of Homeopaths in Ontario. Her passion for the design of environments that promote healing and wellness is reflected in everything she does.

Great design solutions come from looking at things from a different angle and abandoning any preconceived ideas.