Sabina Ernst is driven by the fast pace of her work and appreciates that there’s never a dull moment in her day. Collaborating on large scale projects with professionals from across the globe, she’s involved in a broad scope of work including teaming up with our designers and architects to plan, coordinate, and integrate all components of an interior design project. Much of her role lies in selecting appropriate materials that will fulfill a project’s design intent and perform well overall considering its uses. She believes that it’s very important that teams communicate as much as possible throughout the process to work together towards a common goal and optimized solutions.

Knowing that contributing to the growth of sustainable developments is an important part of what she does, Sabina volunteers for an organization focused on working towards a better standard of living in China that doesn’t come at the cost of the environment. She also takes on research outside of her work to understand how design can address the needs of different segments of society with unique and special needs or requirements. Her passion for creating ideal experiences for people in spaces and finding comfortable, practical, and well-designed solutions inspires her work.

Experimentation is important for inspiration – knowledge and new ideas come from making mistakes and figuring things out.