Jayashri Deshmukh believes that truly thoughtful architecture creates a sense of place through its design. The pragmatic and poetic, legacy and aspirations, local and international influences – these seemingly disparate elements can come together to create truly meaningful spaces. In fact, Jayashri sees the combination of these distinct components as the very essence of what creates unique, contextual and responsive design through authentic reflections of a community and its identity and needs. By establishing a strong sense of trust with her clients and encouraging close collaboration within her teams, Jayashri knows that meaningful design stems from a collective effort.

Architecture is about creating a sense of place and it’s a privilege to be engaged in creating spaces where life unfolds.”

With a global perspective, Jayashri approaches every development with an understanding of how lessons learned in other areas of the world can be fused with the local context to create something different and special. Never forgetting that local context matters most, she recognizes that no one understands better what’s required for each project than the very people who will ultimately be using the space so she takes the time to co-create and shape design that best suits future users and uses.

With an emphasis on educational and healthcare design, Jayashri brings to B+H over twenty years of experience within North America and overseas. She joined B+H in 2016 and contributes to our full-service, design focused process through her global perspective and extensive knowledge and skillset.