Displaying an interest in both design and psychology in school, one could argue that Lisa Bate’s current role isn’t a huge departure from her original direction. After all, being good at what she does means that she understands what motivates people and companies and what they need to thrive. Through close collaboration, strategizing and meeting with clients, Lisa enjoys unpacking the complexities that are naturally inherent in every project. She recognizes that sometimes a collaborative conversation will identify key objectives that may not have otherwise been considered, creating a more comprehensive understanding of each development’s unique characteristics.

Lisa started with B+H in 2007 and her design and project management experience spans across Canada to China, the US, the Caribbean, SE Asia, and India. From 2012 to 2016, she was based in Shanghai as B+H’s Managing Principal, China and EVP, Asia. A global ambassador for sustainable design, Lisa’s experience within a range of sectors gives her a dynamic view of the challenges and opportunities involved in creating solutions that meet and exceed standards, requirements, and expectations.

Through solutions-based collaboration, an important part of our role is opening up possibilities for our clients where they may not have seen an opportunity before.

Lisa is a passionate advocate for social sustainability and gender parity in the field. As Regional Managing Principal of North America, she recognizes how important her role is not only in the context of our firm, but also as a trailblazer for other “green” women within the industry. While her role has a North American focus, her experience in Asia gives her a global perspective of how to serve our clients, grow our business, and deliver projects. Through her involvement during initial strategy and visioning phases to after occupancy, Lisa can measure design performance against a company’s goals and expectations to understand exactly how our solutions contribute to their overall strategy and development of people, culture, and business portfolios.